Advice & Tips

Shopping for swimwear can be a confusing, with so many styles it’s difficult to know where to start, particularly when you factor in that the items you are choosing are to be worn when you are at your most naked in public!

We want you to feel confident so put together the below guide to help advise you which styles, colours and patterns would best flatter your figure.

Remember swimwear is meant to be fun so be adventurous and shop safe in the knowledge that if your choices arrive you’re not 100% happy with them at Beach Bourn you always have 14 days to get a full refund! 

Hour Glass Figure

If your hips and shoulders are the same width and you have a narrow waist then you have an hourglass figure, lucky you! Throw out the rule book and go crazy as all styles will fit you fabulously!


  • If you toned the monokini will look amazing on you, highlighting your trim waist as will a string bikini.
  • Bright colours and patterns will show off your curves.
  • Swimsuits, halter necks, bandeau tops and string bikinis are all great choices.


  • Tankinis will cut you in half across your narrowest point, your waist; a swimsuit will look far more flattering.
  • Boy shorts, unless you have a toned behind, adding this much material is never flattering on your bottom!

Pear Shape

If your hips are wider than your shoulders you’re a classic pear shape, the most common woman’s shape in the UK and easy to dress! When looking at swimwear it is important to choose pieces which will give proportion to your body, making your bottom look smaller and drawing attention to your top half!


  • High cut bottoms will elongate your legs and slim your waist drawing focus away from your hips.
  • Bright embellished tops, these will draw attention to your top half, where you are slimmest.
  • Halter necks are a great shape for you and will focus attention on your top half, if you have a small chest look for styles with padding to help provide contouring and uplift to make the most of your assets.
  • A well cut swimsuit works well on pear shapes.


  • Boy shorts, these will only draw attention to your widest part, your hips, avoid at all costs!
  • String tie pants, these can be quite skimpy and so draw attention to your hips, buy tie-sided bottoms instead with a wider tie!

Apple Shape

If you carry you weight around your middle and have no waist then you are apple shaped. The trick here is to show off your slim limbs whilst disguising your stomach.


  • Tankinis, the slight break in material between your top and bottom will minimise your stomach whilst covering it, beware not to let your stomach peek through or you will lose the effect and expose your ‘muffin top’.
  • Swimsuits with inbuilt contouring are a great option.
  • Frills and embellishment on top can help create a waist.
  • Choose high cut bottoms to define your waist and create the illusion of long legs, tie sides are a good choice (but not string tie sides).


  • Boy shorts, these will shorten your legs whilst emphasising your stomach, not the look you’re going for!
  • String bikinis, these will do you no favours!

Athletic Figure

If you have a slim athletic figure then when it comes to swimwear it’s all about creating curves. With your toned limbs and flat stomach it’s easy to become a beach knock-out.


  • Boy shorts, these will show off your toned behind to maximum effect.
  • String bottoms are another great choice; with your toned figure why not flaunt it.
  • Tie sided pants are great for creating curves on your bottom half.
  • Bandeau tops and halter necks create the illusion of a curvy top half.
  • Bikinis and tankinis, the flash of flesh between your top and bottom half will help create a waist.
  • Bright colours and patterns create a strong visual illusion adding curves.
  • Swimsuits, make sure though you choose the high cut variety so you avoid looking boxy.


  • Monokinis may seem a great idea with your toned figure, however unless you have toned curves and a waist they will emphasis your boyish figure.

Large Bust

If you have a curvy figure then you’ll need to be looking at swimwear with built in support, but don’t worry with modern styles, there’s no need to look matronly!


  • Halter neck tops are great for showing off a larger bust whilst providing support. Look for ones which tie around the neck and back as this offers the flexibility to adjust the size as you prefer to give more support or give added uplift.
  • If you are conscious of support aim for styles with cup sizes which have been specifically designed to support you individual size.
  • Wider bands under tops provide greater support and also look fantastic in proportion to a curvy shape.
  • If you have a small behind tie sided pants will balance out your bottom half and look fantastic.


  • Bandeau tops, do not offer great support to a larger bust, if you do decide on one choose one with detachable straps for flexibility and go for an underwired style.
  • Triangle tops can be hard to wear unless you’re incredibly perky!

Small Bust

If you have a small bust then when it comes to swimwear you’ve hit the jackpot as you can take your pick of the styles!


  • Bandeau tops with wide bands enhance your bust and look great.
  • String bikinis and halter necks will look great and create curves.
  • Look for styles with padding to enhance your natural shape.
  • A patterned top will enhance your bust area.


  • Anything overly baggy